Nicholas Burtner – Beautifying Urban Spaces With Reclaimed Materials

Nicholas Burtner - Beautifying Urban Spaces With Reclaimed Materials

Nicholas Burtner visits Elijah Santoyo in a suburb or Los Angeles and gets rocked by some amazing implementation of urban design. You will definitely want to know how to get that natural patina stone look using urbanite, which we affectionately dub “Urbanite on Steroids”. Elijah explains it in this video. For more great information, please visit Nicholas at, About Nicholas Nicholas is an established permaculture designer, consultant, practitioner, advocate, […]

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Fracking, Good Design, and Monsanto’s Dilemma

Geoff Friday 5 Feat

Bernie vs. Hillary on the harms of fracking, and Stanford researchers show its impact on drinking water. What to do? Tom Kendall, one of my students who recently returned from teaching a PDC in Jordan, shows that biogas at the surface removes the need for fracking, and is a de-centralized energy source in this 4-part video series.

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From Finance to Farmer – Incredible Permaculture Farm Created in Just 3 Years!

Finace to garmer

Andrew Martin once worked in the finance industry, but after leaving that life, he and his wife Beth moved to New Zealand and developed an amazing permaculture property in just 3 years!

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Tropical Orchard Establishment Practices and Concepts: Part 3 of 3

Pili - feat

I’m building an agroforest. An orchard of tropical fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, tubers and vines. And this is how it is happening. This is the final piece on the tropical orchard establishment patterns we use at Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center in Costa Rica. Part 1, found here, looked in depth at our site goals, layout patterns, and water management. Part 2 continued this succession of thought into […]

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Geoff Lawton – What is Permaculture

Main crop image return

In these video’s, Courtesy of the PRIs’ own Youtube Channel, the Permaculture Research Institutes own Geoff Lawton gives you a brief overview of what Permaculture is.

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Jordan Recap

jordan recap tom 03 - feat

Well I have returned from Jordan not entirely fit and well. I managed to get a touch of the flu during the two weeks but still managed to facilitate the course. It was a great experience to go to Jordan and spend time on a site that is around 350 meters below sea level. Man what a place . The soil is just very degraded highly alkaline dirt that doesn’t […]

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Why It’s Better to Use the Slow Approach to Charitable Permaculture Projects

An abundant expanse of food—flax, chia, beans, corn, quinoa, mustard, etc.—growing at Project Somos in Guatemala. It feeds at-risk families every day.

I began working with international nonprofits about eight years ago, first as an English teacher in Palestine and Guatemala. Having elected to retire early (at about 35) from the teaching game, I’m now regularly approached by organizations interested in including permaculture projects in their game plan. For me, this switch has been very exciting. I am able to continue to work towards a better future for and with others, while […]

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Empowering Women in Cambodia through Sustainable Rice Farming

rice field

Reduction of poverty, malnutrition and other social ills could be achieved by higher yields with reducing production. Rice paddies account for more than 80 percent of cultivated land in Cambodia and large parts of this land is managed by women. According to Voice of America, an undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Cambodia, Mom Thany, recently stated the importance of women’s role in the […]

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Magic in the Garden: Five Plants with Medicinal Properties

Football Injury

Recently, when visiting family at my grandmother’s home on the old country road where I grew up, my son was outside playing with my brother in law near the garden. He pointed out to his uncle a small scratch that he had obtained while playing on the playground at school. My son later told me that his uncle had showed him a very neat plant, and had broken off a […]

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10 Ways to Use Palm Fronds in the Home and Garden

palm fronds

For those who read the pages of Permaculture News regularly, you may have stumbled upon an article or two by me, and if that were anytime recently, then more than likely there will have been some part of that article devoted to my newfound fascination and appreciation for palm fronds, specifically those of the cohune palm, which is native to my current, likely permanent, location of Central America. But, the […]

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Cuba’s Big Lesson, Authentic Teachers, and “Solar-Powered Carpets”


Our April 8th edition of the “Friday Five” went out to all subscribers on yesterday. It highlights: How to make your own natural swimming pool Carpet-like solar power Lessons from Cuba’s sustainable development An incredible new online project: Women who Farm Another new mini-video from Geoff reflecting on his days with Bill Mollison See the full Friday Five post (and all past ones) here. Moving forward, the Friday Five […]

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The Future of Farming

The Future of Farming feat

Timothy Gertson comes from a lineage of farmers. His grandfather, father, and three uncles currently own Gertson Farms Partnership in Lissie. Gertson and his cousin co-own their own business, G5 Farms, and have land in Fort Bend, Colorado, and Wharton counties. Agriculture is in his blood. Yet even for a man with years of experience under his belt, the shift from conventional to organic agriculture was a veritable obstacle course. […]

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