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Regenerative Landscape Design: Conceptual Design for an 80 Hectare Site


Catherine and Adjmal, along with other pioneer landowners within the regenerative movement, are working towards taking land management to the next level, producing nutritious affordable food, dignified jobs and enhanced biodiversity.

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From Yacon to Pumpkin

From Yacon to Pumpkin 05 - feat

The Yacon has been harvested and processed into Yacon Syrup. Now the bed needs to be re-established , but to grow what? Yacon is a root crop so ideally growing something that is not a root vegetable is preferred. Well, the choice is pumpkins because it is also time to start a new patch for them. With our climate pumpkins will just keep growing all year around only slowing down […]

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Another Way of Learning

Opened hardback book diary, fanned pages on blurred nature lands

After thirty years of engagement with Permaculture, it never ceases to amaze me how the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) changes peoples’ lives. This brilliant understanding of how to meet peoples’ needs, without working so hard, and at the same time learning to minimise waste was crafted by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren before I came along to connect with it. I’m also hugely aware that it has always been a […]

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Geoff Lawton, Murujan Permaculture Design, and Taman Pertanian Kuantan Park

Geoff Lawton, Murujan Permaculture Design, and Taman Pertanian Kuantan Park

Can a nearly 300 acre park, damaged by poor maintenance and environmental factors be brought back to life with permaculture? Geoff Lawton goes to Malaysia to help make it happen. Taman Pertania Kuantan today is a heart breaking example of how a shared community space can become damaged by lack of care and lack of knowledge. The state-owned park was long a favourite place for residents to gather, and it’s […]

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Letter From a Forest Garden


Small is not just possible, small is inevitable. Creating autonomous control of our economics requires people to be able to create. And that means within the resources they have. Graham Bell asks, where better to start than a forest garden?

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Permaculture at Taman Pertanian


The idea behind incorporating permaculture is to show people a site that integrates permaculture demonstration with recreational activities. This mix will be necessary so that people who want to learn and see permaculture working in the tropics can come to this site as a demonstration site. At the same time the site caters for recreational activities that attract different crowds and traps them!

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Property purchase guide: what to look for when buying land?


Finding the perfect piece of land can be rather expensive; nonetheless, once you have it, you’re setting a solid foundation for your future success.

I would say that all land has potential, but your final choice depends on your personal situation and your resources. Although I am here suggesting a specific hierarchy of what is important to look for when on your hunt, your situation may differ, that’s why we should always start with goals in mind.

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Setting up Demonstration Sites at the UK Permaculture Convergence


This September I will be presenting at the Permaculture Convergence in the UK. I will be giving a series of workshops from my work around the world including a presentation on setting up Permaculture demonstration sites. It will be modelled on our experience at Zaytuna Farm and the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia over the last 16-years, the reasons that we chose this land and how we encourage other people to look at land specifically in a location as in urban, rural and broad landscape.

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Morocco Project Update


The earthworks have progressed nicely and below is a series of photos of when we were installing the earthworks and after the first decent rains of the season. Keeping in mind the site receives 250mm of rain per year and like a lot of dry-lands come’s in about 3 events in mid-winter.

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Life After Heaven


I spent three and half years at Zaytuna Farm, the home of the Permaculture Research Institute. I started out as a volunteer, and I finished up as a Farm Manager. Zaytuna Farm is where I milked my first cow. It’s where I planted my first ice cream bean tree, slaughtered my first animal, and harvested my first crop of wheat. I taught my first Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course there, and it’s where I found my better half who back then was an intern and is now my wife.

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Permaculture Designed Primary School in Vanuatu

tom permaculture school 01 - feat

It was a busy week last week. I was asked by Permaculture Sustainable Consulting to go to the tropical Pacific island nation of Vanuatu to do a site consultation of two locations. The projects being implemented are a community center at the capital town of Vila on the island of Efate and a primary school on the island of Tanna to the south. The organization funding these projects is Muslim […]

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Mulch in Abundance

Mulch in Abundance feat

We use a lot of mulch on our property to take advantage of the many benefits that mulch provides. The mulch we use is grass (that I now cut with the scythe) that grows in areas around the property that doesn’t get grazed and also on the road verge for maintenance so the council doesn’t spray chemicals. One of the terms you hear in permaculture circles is “abundance”. At times […]

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