Convenience Food for Beginners: Urban and Suburban Zoning the Permaculture Way

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Home Garden in Bogota

We never see it coming. In the beginning, there is all the excitement, seedlings going into the carefully groomed garden bed. We’ve enriched the soil the best we can, an assortment of legumes and compost. We’ve played the game right with a thick, organic coating of mulch so that the soil stays lively, airy, and… Read more »

Comparing the Great Wall of China’s Contour Structure with that of a Water Harvesting System

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A permaculture enthusiast may want to inquire: how do the structures of both the Great Wall of China and Water Harvesting System relate A Brief history of the Great Wall Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987, the Great Wall of China has always been the most visible symbol of power and influence… Read more »

How to Build a Swale on Contour Successfully

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Swales are amongst my favorite permaculture projects. Though they can be laborious, especially for a shovel and pick fellow like me, they show results quickly and look amazing, texturing the landscape with both purpose and beauty. They are easy to explain: Everyone understands the concept of plants needing water. Swales are also perfect for those… Read more »

Tiny House on Wheels Workshop (Oct 17-22)

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Samuel Alexander – is a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs and research fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), University of Melbourne. He also co-directs the Simplicity Institute. For those in Victoria, here are details of an upcoming “Tiny House on Wheels” workshop out at Wurruk’an. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to… Read more »

Free Permaculture Property Designs

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I’m currently undertaking a Diploma of Permaculture through the Permaculture Institute! A requirement of the Diploma is to have had designed at least seven successful permaculture properties. SO, I’ve decided to offer TEN FREE PERMACULTURE SITE DESIGNS a.k.a. MASTER PLANS for your urban food forest dreams in the Melbourne region this winter! For the past… Read more »

Energy Globe Award

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National ENERGY GLOBE Award Jordan 2015 Has been won by Geoff Lawton and The Permaculture Research Institute for the Permaculture sites featured in Greening/Re-Greening the Desert “To be honored with this award is a great recognition of our work for a better environment and motivates us to continue our endeavors in the future” Geoff Lawton,… Read more »

Latest 3 Months of Practical Work & Learning at PRI Sunshine Coast

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The importance of the demonstration, research and education we are a part of at PRI Sunshine Coast becomes more and more obvious when we look at the current challenging situations all around the world, the daily worrying news of war, exploitation and destruction. The evidence to act cannot be overlooked any longer and I think… Read more »

Solar Energy: What is the Problem and What is the Solution

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When it comes to our energy needs, there are three main problems. We have confused needs and desires, cheap energy and not educated ourselves enough on understanding energy. Let me explain. Need is a word that gets used out of context all the time, it falls into the category of words like have to, should,… Read more »