The PRI Announces a Groundbreaking Global Partnership

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Editor’s Note: Recent discussions on this site have encouraged us to take this bold and exciting new step. Read on to find out more! The PRI are very happy to announce a game changing partnership. Continually looking for ways to spread its brand of permaculture to the mainstream, the PRI has been tirelessly working on… Read more »

Poo-Free Self-Filling Duck Waterer

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The mob If any of you have had any experience with ducks, you’ll know that they produce and deposit enormous amounts of nutrient — aka duck poo. It usually ends up over everything they come in contact with. A general good practice is to keep them on water and then either fertigate (fertilize while irrigating)… Read more »

Naming Convention for Permaculture Research Institute Master Plan Sites

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As we look around our planet we should need no further evidence of the urgency with which we should dedicate ourselves to establishing and demonstrating sustainable systems for human settlement. We especially should need no further evidence as permaculturists. With this in mind and with the intention of facilitating the rapid establishment of more educational,… Read more »

Reality Check one two…one two

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If you were to get up and walk to the sink and turn on the faucet, there is a pretty damn good chance that water will come out. And if it didn’t you’d be surprised to say the least, more likely pissed off and annoyed at the inconvenience. You’d then wonder who is to blame… Read more »