A Look at Hawaiian Aquaculture – and How You Can Learn More About It at the Keawanui Fish Pond, Molokai

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It was a typical October day on Molokai — 82 degrees, sunny and breezy. I had just arrived at my favorite tiny airport on a nine-passenger Cessna turbo prop-plane from Honolulu. I came from the Big Island to help my Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) USA colleagues facilitate a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) already in progress…. Read more »

Chop-N-Drop – Mulching Permaculture Style

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Chop-N-Drop is a Permaculture term used to describe a simple, yet highly-efficient system of creating mulch. Plants that make good mulch are pruned frequently and the cuttings are dropped directly on the ground below. This creates a beneficial layer of organic material that helps conserve water, reduce weeds and create food for nearby plants through… Read more »

Wa`a Moloka`i: Island-Sized Food Security Through a 21st Century Living Canoe

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Original Atrwork by Anthony Dohanos of Pahoa, Hawaii Food security and canoes go hand-in-hand in Hawaii. When the Hawaiian Islands were first settled around 750 A.D., and for many generations after that, Polynesian voyagers stocked their massive double-hauled canoes with specific crops necessary for colonization. While a wide variety of plants and trees were already… Read more »

Army of Permaculturists – Ready for Battle

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These are the people of Molokai, a 300 square mile island in the center of the main chain of the Hawaiian Islands. It is rural, beautiful, slow-paced and the only place you’ll find almost as many people wearing camouflage as the armed forces. If you can show respect for the aina (land) and local-style culture,… Read more »

Food Swaps

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Like a typical pregnant woman, I woke up this morning with food on my mind. However, it wasn’t the stereotypical indulgences and strange combinations like bon bons or peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Instead, I was thinking about the idea of small-scale food swaps, something I believe could become the future of how people might… Read more »

Sustainable Hawaii Coming this October

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PRI-USA Offers a Unique Series of Permaculture Courses on Isle of Molokai In partnership with Sust`aina ble Molokai and the Ho`ala Hou Program, the Permaculture Research Institute USA is proud to announce an upcoming series of key Permaculture courses on the Island of Molokai, Hawaii. We are offering the following four foundational courses between October… Read more »

Take a Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) in Paradise

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PRI USA’s Ho’olehua Permaculture Center, Island of Molokai, Hawaii Instructor – Andrew Jones March 30 – April 11, 2009 Be a part of agricultural history in the making as the Permaculture Research Institute USA launches its first PDC at the Ho’olehua Permaculture Center, on the Island of Moloka’i. Hawaii is best known for its endless… Read more »

Please Help the Palestinian People in a Time of Tragedy

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The Jordan Valley Project site is the triangular section in foreground As Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip escalate, more and more Palestinian civilians are being displaced by damage or destruction to their homes. The need for refugee shelter has become critical. Geoff and Nadia Lawton are currently working on a PRI project in a… Read more »

Hawaiian Homeland Security

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Homeland Security. To the native people of the Hawaiian Islands, it’s more than just a buzzword thrown around by the Bush Administration to justify the creation of another branch of government. For Native Hawaiians, like many indigenous people around the world, the story is the same – foreign occupation resulting in loss of homelands and… Read more »