Protection, Rights or Legislation – Many Strings to Our Legal Bow

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If we can give legal personality to non-living entities such as corporations, why not also give personality to living things like animals and trees? by Janet Millington Changes to the law have been made (or “discovered”) to facilitate and support trade(1), colonisation(2), industry(3) and the development of corporation(4). This development has been largely driven by… Read more »

Transition Day Gathering for Information and Inspiration with David Holmgren

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Where: Eumundi QLD (click for map) When: Thursday 10th June, 2010 Photo: Maureen Corbett Background: Transition Towns is a new direction out of Permaculture. It began in the UK with permaculture teacher Rob Hopkins and a PDC group designing a whole community in the face of peak oil and climate change. Permaculture design, ethics, principles,… Read more »