Chile Update – Permaculture: Designing a Healthy Building with Principles in Mind

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Editor’s Note: Below, Grifen Hope gives us an excellent update on progress since my recent trip to Chile to profile and promote the fantastic work under way there. It’s the shortest day of the year in Chile and the rain is coming down. It is cold and wet. As we celebrate the new year and… Read more »

Wanted: Two Permaculture Interns in Chile!

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Please forward widely. The Apple Tree Eco School in the BíoBío region of Chile is looking for two experienced entrepreneurial permaculture interns starting May 2010. We need: 1) an experienced administrator proficient in English and Spanish to help manage a busy permie office, planning and promotions, and 2) an experienced gardener to assist in production,… Read more »

Please Get Behind Our Efforts to Demonstrate Sustainable Development and Relief for Chile Quake/Tsunami Victims

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Editor’s Preamble: Permaculturists famously endeavour to ‘turn the problem into a solution’. At the moment we have a tremendous opportunity to apply this principle in wonderful, productive ways in disaster-hit Chile. The quake-tsunami combo that hit on February 27, 2010 has created a void just begging for sustainable relief and re-development. Grifen Hope, who writes… Read more »

Gaia University, One Step West Towards Oceania in April 2009

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Ecoescuela El Manzano in the heartland of Biobio, Chile will host Gaia University (GU) International for a series of world shaping events in 2009; April 16th – GU Orientation: for new students seeking Bachelors, Masters degrees or Post-Masters Graduate Diplomas in Eco-Social Regeneration May 1st – Participatory Processes for Communities in Transition May 5th –… Read more »